The Electrical Test Instruments Ortmaster ORTM-4 is an electronic current moni¬toring accessory used in conjunction with an IBM PC compatible computer and any system for primary injection testing of oil and vacuum type reclosers and sectionalizers. It incorporates ad¬vanced circuitry and software, which provide an accurate, inex¬pensive and efficient means for monitoring output current and time for proper testing and calibration. Real time digital wave¬form recording and analysis provides true RMS (root-mean-square) reading of current, including DC offset and decay, for excellent correlation of results with manufacturers’ calibration.

The Ortmaster interface module is designed to connect to the output of ANY recloser test set. It interfaces to a USB port (or serial port) of any IBM compatible computer, and a Windows program displays trip current, trip times, and reclose times for up to five recloser operations.