AC\DC Variable Power Supply

Model AD-1B

The AD-1B is a small, lightweight, and portable AC and DC 10-amp power supply. Excelling in resetting circuit breaker charging motors and other general-purpose applications, this instrument is housed in a rugged waterproof case with a hinged lid.

The input connection is by way of a recessed three prong male inlet compatible with standard extension cords. The input is protected and controlled by a 10-amp single pole circuit breaker. When it is turned ON, a single or dual deck variable autotransformer (vernier) is energized, and an amber POWER ON light is illuminated, as well as a 0-600 volt digital meter. The output arm(s) are protected by a one or two pole breaker. The variable output of the vernier is connected to the primaries of two 750 VA toroidal transformers. The secondaries are connected in series and parallel configuration by means of a multi-deck six position selector switch. The AC output is monitored by the 0-600 VAC digital meter. An additional resistor is added in DC mode to read the expected DC output voltage under normal load conditions.